What Travelling Teaches You About Friendship

Who we choose to travel with is extremely important. You obviously wouldn’t travel with your worst enemy or with someone that really annoys you. You travel with your friends. Sometimes these friends are people you’ve known since childhood, in other cases they can be fairly new friends. Even your significant other can be considered in this category, after all what’s a relationship without friendship? In all cases, when you travel with your friends you have the opportunity to learn what true friendship really is.

1.  Friendship is laughing a lot

Number one thing you learn about friendship is that the most important thing is having the ability to laugh. Laugh at the stupidest jokes, at awkward situations, at the stuff you did during the previous night out, and even at each other. Travelling with friends gives you a million opportunities to laugh together, and honestly if you can’t laugh until you’re all in tears – then what’s the point?

2. Friendship is compromise

Just like any relationship – compromise is necessary for a good friendship. You will never agree with someone 100% of the time, if that were the case life would be much simpler. When travelling with friends you won’t always all want to do the same thing at the same time, you won’t always agree on a particular place to eat, and sometimes not all of you will want to go out until 5am for a crazy pub-crawl. The key to any good friendship is compromise. This is especially important while travelling because you want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, safe, and happy with the experience they are having.

3. Friendship is patience

Sometimes someone will be hangry and they’ll say things they regret and only come to their senses once they’ve had a plate of fries – and that’s okay. If you can’t always be patient with yourself, then be patient with your friends. Remember to be empathetic and patient with your friends and their various moods, because they are being patient with you too. You may sometimes annoy each other or even piss each other off, but at the end of the day you’ll be back to laugh-crying over glasses of wine at a random dive bar.

4. Friendship is trustworthiness

Friendship is nothing without trust. Remember not only to be a trustworthy friend, but also to trust in your friends. While you’re travelling you’ll experience a range of emotions and thoughts about your life, and it’s important to have people around you that you can trust and confide in. Sometimes the best conversations you can have with your travel partner(s) is when you confide in each other about everything you’re experiencing on your journey – whether that’s physical, emotional or spiritual.

5. Friendship is love 

When you’re travelling with one or more of the same person for a prolonged period of time there will be plenty of opportunities to drive each other crazy, but there will be many more opportunities to love each other. Friendship is all about love for another human being. Love through jet lag, love through hanger, love through loud snoring, love through drunken escapades in old city centres, love through learning new lessons. Always remember to love one another, after all your travel partner(s) is the person you’re experiencing some of the best moments of your life with and you’ll share those memories forever.

Happy travels, friends.

-A. V. Sz.







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