My name is Anna and I am from Ontario, Canada. I currently live in Poland where I work as an English language instructor. My hobbies are, and have always been, reading and writing. When I was seven I got my first journal and I haven’t been able to put a pen down since then. I write as a way to work through my feelings, through my anxiety, through my hopes and fears. I started this blog at a turning point in my life and I called it “Letters by a twenty something” because it’s just that – letters by a twenty something trying to work out this crazy world we live in. In this blog I want to focus on the millennial experience and millennials around the world. While the media likes to portray millennials as a horrible cohort that is somehow a detriment to society, I see millennials as any other generational group: people with stories to tell and lessons to share. So as you read this blog I hope it entertains you, teaches you, and makes you feel less alone in this world. If you are a millennial with a story to share please contact me because I would love to share your story.

-A. V. Sz.


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